7 senior discounts to save on monthly expenses

We’ve scouted out seven great opportunities for seniors to potentially save a significant amount of money on their monthly expenses. From senior discounts on auto insurance, to savings on cable TV, to lower interest rates on credit cards and more.  After years of working and saving money, seniors deserve an extra boost in the savings department. Many companies agree and offer special discounts geared towards seniors.

Here’s our list of the best ways to reduce your monthly expenses in 2019 with these 7 senior discounts.

Save Big Money On Auto Insurance With A Clean Record

As time goes on, it can become challenging to work with auto insurance providers since rates can change in a rapid manner without any warning. You can skip the confusion with Quote Wizard, which makes it easy to plug in a zip code and see a number of insurance quotes with just a few clicks.

Best of all, seniors who have no tickets over the last three years can receive big discounts on auto insurance. You might be able to get additional discounts based on where you live and the type of car you drive.

Save on Auto Insurance


Lower Your Credit Card Interest Rate or Get More Cash Back

Banks have been competing to grow they credit card holders by getting more aggressive with their interest rates and reward programs.

This is good news for you, especially if you have not shopped for a credit card in a while. So whether you are looking to lower your interest rate or get more rewards or cash back,  it’s a great time to compare credit cards.

The cards available are dependent on your  financial score. The best way to see what is available to you is compare the best credit cards on Lending Tree.

Save with a New Credit Card


Cut the Cord and Never Pay For Cable Again

If you’re looking to slash some of your bills, look no further than the cable box. Purchasing an Amplified HD Digital TV Antenna lets you get all of the local news, sports and kids programs totally free, without having to pay a monthly cable bill.

If you’d like to watch a show on Netflix or Hulu, opt for the affordably priced Amazon Fire TV Stick. This makes it easy to stream media and watch shows with the help of Amazon Alexa technology.

Save on Cable TV


Other Ways to Save

Consolidate Your Debt and Lower Your APR

Whether you have good or poor credit, recent changes in technology, regulations and new products have made it easier to get a personal loan online from well known lenders and consolidate that debt at a lower interest rate.

Loan rates are dependent on your credit score, loan amount and term but typically range from 6-20%, making it a better solution then credit cards. Compare lenders, loans and interest rates at LendingTree in just a couple of minutes.

Save by Consolidating Debt


Lose Weight And Still Enjoy Delicious Meals And Snacks

People of every age want to enjoy their favorite tasty foods, even while trying to lose weight. The different delivery plans from Nutri System have helped millions of people meet their weight loss goals and still enjoy a variety of delicious food choices.

Seniors can enjoy free shipping on a meal plan while also saving $80 off the original delivery price.

Save on Nutrisystem


Earn an Income on Your Home Equity with a Reverse Mortgage

If you own your home outright or have been in it for at least a decade and are over 62 years old then a reverse mortgage may be a great way for you to generate extra income.

The best way to see if its a good fit is to speaking with a licensed professional. It only takes a few minutes, simply answer a some questions and see what is available to you.

Save on Your Mortgage


Feel Better On Your Feet With Compression Socks

Take a load off your feet when you are walking or moving around by purchasing a pair of quality compression socks. They’re specifically designed to promote blood flow and cut down on cramping (while still being as soft and comfy as regular socks).

Head to Amazon to explore a full range of compression socks, like these from ACTINPUT, which are 67% off, our pick for a great value.

Save on Compression Socks


Other Ways to Save